My goal is to get everyone moving better. To optimise your healing and physical performance. At the heart of what I do is you. I partner with you to understand your body, unique movement patterns and personal experiences and help you be your best version, with some laughter and fun mixed in for good measure.
— Eva Heraud

Eva Heraud

Eva is the founder of Have Movement and has had a diverse career; since qualifying as a physiotherapist she has gained a depth of experience across public and private healthcare settings, caring for patients of all demographics; from grandparents to elite cyclists to inspiring mums. It is her love and curiosity of how the body moves that enables her to deliver sessions that are detailed, outcome focused, inspiring - and fun.

Eva is particularly interested in and experienced at supporting clients in cycling based endeavours, with pre and post-natal support and complex conditions such as chronic pain; areas she has personal experience in, enabling a depth of understanding that surpasses the typical clinical model.


As a keen cyclist; Eva has applied her love of cycling, passion for body mechanics and clinical knowledge and seen her cycling clients go from strength to strength, improving technique and output.

Chronic Pain

Likewise, having experienced, managed and overcome chronic pain, she truly understands the intricacies of this complex time. Working with you, Eva acknowledges and works through your physical challenges, but also the emotional; bringing true brain-body connection to your treatment.

Pre & Post Natal Support

It’s Eva’s experiences through two pregnancies, and into motherhood of two beautiful children, that has most influenced how she works, and why she’s driven to support women through pregnancy and motherhood. Talk to Eva and you will see her passion that you should go into this time of life strong, informed, confident and living your best life, which is why she’s created a specialised program for mums, and mums to be.

Everything Else

Eva believes when you understand how the body moves and can get the body moving as it was designed then you can help any individual achieve their movement dreams. She has worked with runners, golfers, rock climbers, singers, dancers, skateboarders to name a few. When you can access all of our body and its movements, creating symmetry and efficiency, you really can do anything you set your heart to.