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Movement by Design

Your body was designed to move.

At Have Movement we offer a movement experience that is based on an extensive biomechanical understanding of the body as it moves, Anatomy in Motion, Physiotherapy and Pilates. We’ve termed this Movement by Design.

Our holistic biomechanical assessment, identifies whats missing in your movement, and we work with you to achieve a mechanical efficiency that will help you with performance, pain and being the best version of you.

We care about your goals; our dedication and attention to detail ensures your experience with us is positive and rewarding, whilst bringing balance and symmetry to your body.




Our practice is influenced by established principles from two of the great explorers of the human body, Gary Ward (Anatomy in Motion:AiM) and Joseph Pilates.

Along with 15 years of physiotherapy experience, curiosity, constant learning, movement, scuba diving, childbirth, running, cycling, jumping up and down (and calling it dancing), falling down, breaking bones, getting up, moving and more moving…


We inspire and partner with you to move, think and live well. We believe in movement, the human body, learning, laughter and you.


The opportunity to heal yourself with mind and movement becomes a reality for every human being through partnership, inspiration, learning, and laughter.


What we do

We use: detailed biomechanical assessment, and smart, sequenced movement to refine how you move.

In essence, we repattern your body to move the way that it was designed and in a way that will address injury and pain - plus maximise performance and quality of life.

We do this through: creating a tailored program based on findings from your assessment.

Our programs incorporate the principles of Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates and comprehensive anatomical and biomechanical understanding (AiM).




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18 St Edmonds Road, Prahran, 3181 VIC