A science based health care profession which uses a variety of techniques to optimise the functioning of the body, utilised to achieve a pain free quality of life.

We created Have Movement to support your journey to moving better. When you move better you can be free of pain and have enhanced life performance.

If you are in pain or are struggling to improve in your chosen life venture, we recommend taking the specialised movement and physio informed pilates journey.


As part of your journey, it may be necessary to address specific areas with body work, including manual therapy, dry needling, taping and soft tissue work to maximise results.

This might also be the starting point for you, and we can discuss that after your assessment.

Our extensive assessment and diagnostic skills alongside our understanding of human biomechanics allow us to get to the root cause, rather than chase symptoms.

We pride ourselves in communicating our findings and educating to equip you with the skills to be your best version.