Personalised - Individual Exercises

Up to 3 people per session


Our signature piece - Movement by Design

Tailored | Pilates Equipment
Physio led Pilates

Find your feet

Bring balance and symmetry to your body

Bring awareness and mindfulness to the way you move

Move joints and muscles as they were designed - Movement Biomechanics

Condition your body from head to toe

Assessment and Private Session First - as part of the Starter Program

Personalised guidance through your Tailored Programs

Based on findings from your assessment

Individuals do different exercises relevant to their unique needs in a small group (1:3)

Focus on you: Your posture and how you move

What does a session look like?

  • Brief Assessment by your Physio

  • Check in with your body using movements

  • Personalised program guided by how you are feeling on the day, your alignment, underpinned by the findings from your assessment

  • Every posture and movement is assessed, by you and by your Physio


    • Feet work - wedges | movements | manual therapy - Exercises to get your base of support where it should be

    • Equipment and Mat based Pilates informed physiotherapy exercises - including activation of muscle systems through specific joint movements

    • Deep core focus and conditioning, including pelvic floor, transverse abdominus, spinal muscles, diaphragm (breathing), rectus abdominus, obliques

  • Equipment includes: reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, fit ball, oov, theraband, foam rollers

  • Home exercise program as part of your pack

  • Free official AiM wedges valued at $30 as part of your starter pack


Benefits of a 1:3 Session

Regular assessment of your posture and movement

One on one time in the session with your physio

Home exercise program delivered via our 3rd party app

Learn about your body

Tools for self management

Be part of our community

Overall Benefits