Movement Physio 1:3

Assessment | Private | 1:3 Group

Movement Physio incorporates Biomechanics, Pilates informed Physio (Clinical Pilates) and Anatomy in Motion to bring a unique experience to the session.

For those who want to access the expertise of our physiotherapists on a regular basis this is for you. Not only will you be able to educate and enable yourselves on movement and the benefits that come from harnessing the way the body moves, but you’ll do so in a safe and friendly space.


Our goal is to provide you with the toolkit to be healthy not just now, but throughout your life.

To get you started on your Specialised Pilates journey we offer a Starter Special of $450 (valued at $620) to recognise your investment in yourself and your commitment to the process.

Includes Assessment, Private Session, 5 x 1:3 Tailored Session

Sophisticated Assessment

An holistic biomechanical assessment.

60 minutes RRP $150

Includes official AiM movement wedges.

To ensure you get the best results, we need to understand your body so it’s essential to have a full assessment before you begin.

You start with an opportunity for us to discuss your history and specific needs - followed by a posture and movement assessment.

Tailored Private Session

Familiarise yourself with your program.

60 minutes RRP $150

A lot of concepts and movements may be new, therefore the private focus accelerates your learning and gets you ready for group sessions.

Postural work | feet to skull | Pilates informed Physio exercises | Flexibility | Body Conditioning.

We get you moving through your personalised program, with attention to detail.

5 x Tailored Group - 1:3

A boutique movement experience

60 minutes RRP $65

We keep sessions small (max. three per class) to deliver attention to detail and ensure your experience remains highly personalised.

The group sessions involve you in our supportive community and represent the best value for you.

Ongoing sessions available in 10 or 20 value packs.


As part of your journey, it may be necessary to address specific areas with body work, including manual therapy, dry needling, taping and soft tissue work to maximise results.

This might be the starting point for you which we will discuss after your assessment or identified as we work through your program.

Teacher Training

We are excited to announce that Eva, our founder, will be teaming up with Unite Health in Prahran to teach their amazing APPI Pilates content to Physiotherapists.

You can find out more here