Eight Benefits of working with us

Have Movement is born from a love and curiosity of how the human body moves, along with a deep appreciation of how brain-body connection influences movement. Our unique approach is the result of years spent in practice, and continued learning of Pilates and Movement Based Physiotherapy and important to us, is we partner with you to understand your body, individual movement patterns and personal experiences. We have fun and we help you reach your goals. Which all sounds great; but what does that mean for you?

The eight benefits you’ll experience working with us are:

1. Body Awareness

Improving body awareness is important to everyone, whether you’re a runner wanting to maximise performance, a new Mum navigating a changing body or someone who just wants to feel better in day-to-day life.

To facilitate body awareness we start with mindfulness. We’ve all heard the term, however we bring it into your practice using simple, easy to implement methods. We start with breath and ensure you’re breathing properly (for the record, most people aren’t). We then move on to whether you move your body mindfully, or if your just follows old patterns - patterns that may have be causing you pain, or problems.

2. Symmetry

When we do your assessment, and as we work with you, we take the time to assess your posture (alignment / symmetry) and movement. We tailor your program to address what’s missing.

Think of it like a puzzle.

For your brain to use the body to its maximum potential, all pieces of the puzzle need to be in place. It needs to have all the information available to it to make the right decision. However, for most people, modern life means you may no longer have all the pieces, or maybe you’ve picked up pieces from a different puzzle over the years. The problem? Not having all the pieces in the right place leads you to have less than ideal alignment which might cause you to experience pain, discomfort, poor mobility, poor performance etc.

We simply help you complete the puzzle. Our expert assessment of your posture, alignment and symmetry find the pieces needed to get you feeling and moving better.

3. Whole Body Conditioning

We want to help you get strong and we do this with whole body conditioning, where the body moves as one. Doing repetitive bicep curls is fine if you want to build a little bulk, but in the real world we don’t move a single muscle to perform an activity; we move through an intricate alignment of musculoskeletal mechanics - which is why we focus on whole body.

By focusing at this level we can:

Strengthen deep muscles, including core and spinal muscles.

Enhance motor control of the muscular system.

Work on timing of joint and muscle movement to prevent overuse injury.

4. Flexibility

Just as important as strength is flexibility; in fact, studies have shown that flexibility is a key variable to longevity. And true flexibility happens when joints and muscles move within their full range.

We see clients present with flexibility issues all the time - impacting all sorts of activities. Maybe you pull up sore after that game of soccer. Maybe you don’t get up easily from sitting on the floor. Or perhaps you’re resigned that you’ll never touch your toes again. Improving flexibility can improve the way you perform all activities - and may just improve your longevity to boot.

Sometimes flexibility isn’t to do with your muscles and fascia and more to do with your alignment, is your pelvis tilted forward and your knee hyperextended when you bend to touch your toes? That alignment is putting your muscle on a greater stretch which might appear like you don’t have the range when in fact the position of your whole body is affecting your so called lack of flexibility. We work on your alignment and timing to allow your muscles to move with the joints as opposed to against them.

5. Coordination | Balance

Have you spent your life telling yourself and others you’re uncoordinated? Or noticed a difference since giving birth, or hitting a certain age? This doesn’t mean you have an issue with coordination or balance - you may just need to refine your movement and find your feet.

Our tailored programs train your brain to improve coordination and balance. And yes, we did say train your brain. Through whole body movements from head to toe.

The simple explanation is all movement starts and finishes in the brain. Which is great news, because you may have heard of ‘brain plasticity’ i.e. that the human brain very open to being retrained; and when we understand this we can apply neural retraining techniques. In short, at Have Movement we get your brain thinking differently, and as a result you get your balance and coordination back.

Have you ever been iceskating? Did you feel unbalanced? Our feet were designed like a tripod to maximise our base of support. Most people don’t use all of their feet - either having more weight on the inside or the outside or the front or the back - just like wearing iceskates. Have you ever stood on one leg wearing iceskates? You’d feel very unbalanced - so perhaps this lifelong poor balance is also to do with how your brain uses your feet.By bringing awareness to your feet and bringing your tripod back we help improve your balance. Giving the brain more to use.

6. Education & Self Management

Education is a core tenant of what we do, because we believe you should be educated to take charge of your own health and movement. Our tailored programs distill our years of training into practical tools you can apply to everyday life to manage yourself (like how the feet affect your posture and movement and are often the cause of pain, discomfort and poor movement).

In short, we want to spend time with you initially and skill you in easy to implement tools, where you not only feel better, but can self manage from home. Yes we love to have you along to our regular group sessions, however for this to be truly effective you need to be able to do this by yourself too and we get that.

7. Improve performance

Mention performance and I’m sure you think about sporting performance, and may not think this is for you. And yes, sporting performance is a specific area of interest and expertise at Have Movement; however, our programs embrace a broader definition of performance that applies equally to sports as it does to lifestyle and real life - even career performance.

It may be a big race you’ve been training all year for. Or your motivation may be able to run around the park with your kids. Or sign up for that trekking holiday you’ve always dreamed of. Or it may be as simple as just wanting to sit in your office chair and nail some work goals without becoming distracted by back pain. These are all performance related and can be improved by achieving mechanical efficiency, putting the pieces of the puzzle back together, through our tailored program. This allows us to work with your life, your needs and your goals at every point.

8. Overcome limitations

For many of us we see our body as something that limits us, particularly when we experience persistant pain, a recurring injury or chronic conditions. And we get this, because we’ve personally experienced recurring issues, and we’ve worked in the area of chronic pain - and we know how debilitating the latter can be, in all facets of life. By undertaking a thorough biomechanical assessment, understanding your personal history and lifestyle goals - we work with you to address and remove barriers to living better.

We don’t believe you have to live with limitations, even with a chronic condition; and we are passionate about getting you to move better, experience less pain/injury and live better.